Paola Mauceri

Paola Estefania Mauceri Barrios comes from Valera (Venezuela) and joined EASITrain in 2019 to work on the development of high-temperature superconductors (based on MgB2) that can be used in building high-field accelerator magnets.

She has always been interested in material technology and the development of high-performance characterization techniques. Following her master degtree in Legnaro and Padove University in Italy she applied for the MSCA EASITrain network and is currently employed by ASG Superconductors, Genoa Italy. 




2019 - Present
EASITrain Early Stage Researcher (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action)
ASG Superconductors. Genoa, Italy.
  • Development of MgB2 wire for high-field magnet applications
INFN fellowship
Legnaro National Laboratories – National Institute of Nuclear Physics (LNLINFN). Legnaro, Italy
  • Study of the deposition process of Superconductive Niobium films onto 6 GHz resonant cavities
Student Researcher
Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC). Miranda, Venezuela
  • Glucose functionalization of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes.
Nov 2013 - Dec 2016
Sales supervision
Comercialización y Mercadeo de Insumos, S.A
  • industrial safety equipment.
  • logistics and merchandise distribution
  • inventory control
  • coordination of payments to employees
  • customer service
Computer programs
Computer programs
air plane engine
Mechanical engineering
Master in Surface Treatments for Industrial Applications
University of Padua and National Institute of Nuclear Physics. PaduaLegnaro, Italy.
  • Surface Treatments for Industrial Applications
  • Knowledge of vacuum technology and UHV, in particular applied to thin film deposition techniques.
  • Experiences in the deposition of thin films through PVD techniques such as: magnetron sputtering, and vacuum cathodic arc.
  • Characterization of the morphological and structural and compositional properties of thin films by means of analysis techniques such as: X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
Materials Engineer
Simon Bolivar University. Caracas, Venezuela
  • Synthesis and characterization of LDPE and LLDPE nanocomposites with functionalized CNT
Specialization Course
National Institute of Nuclear Physics (LNL-INFN). Legnaro, Italy
  • Hard coating deposition
  • Magnetron Sputtering
  • Cathodic Vacuum Arc deposition
  • Thin films characterization
  • SEM and EDS analysis
  • Solid Works Design
2016 - 2018
Specialization Course
Simon Bolivar University. Caracas, Venezuela
  • Composite Polymers
  • Polymeric Materials
  • Bioplastics
  • Industrial Safety Management
  • Business Management
Work on project

Development of MgB2 wire for high-field magnet applications. My main task will be define procedures to control and improve the manufacturing process of MgB2 wires, in particular of the wires suitable for use in high field magnet.



What motivated you to apply to the EASITRain Project

I have always been interested in new materials technology and in the development of high-performance characterization techniques. Also, after getting the Master and receiving the superconductivity lessons, I became to be extremely interested in the superconductive field. I saw in EASITRain an amazing opportunity to continue learning about this field and apply my knowledge in materials science to create and develop new ideas that would contribute the science.   Meanwhile, this position will help me increase both my networking and professional development.



Where do you see yourself after EASITrain?

In the professional field, I see myself working in a company or institute where I could apply everything that I learn during the entire EASITrain project. I am sure EASITrain will help me to improve my skills in many areas, which are important to continue in the science and research world. I see myself after EASITrain as a more educated, matured and multicultural person.




Do you have plans for the next five years and how EASItrain could help you achieve them? Already some ideas?

After all the schools and meetings I will improve my skills in the superconductive and material science fields, so in the next five years, I plan to continuing working with passion, determination and professionalism in these fields in a private company or research institute.